Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Old Timers Antique Car Exhibition - Baden Baden #Germany

The 36th International Old Timers Antique Car Exhibition : July 13-15 - Baden Baden - Casino Garden

1913 De Dion Bouton Type DX Touring
From July 13 to 15, the Faberge Museum will participate at the 36th International Old Timers Antique Car Exhibition in Baden Baden. For those three days on the lawn of the Casino Garden, the Faberge Museum will display a 1913 De Dion Bouton Type DX Touring Car. The car was purchased in 2008 through Bonhams auction house in the United States. The car was sold by a transport museum in the State of Maine, USA.
In 1913 De Dion Bouton was the largest manufacturer of passenger automobiles and other mechanized land vehicles in France, and possibly in the world. Their buses plied the increasingly busy streets of New York, Paris, London, Copenhagen and Vienna. The city of Paris used De Dion Bouton trucks to collect its garbage. The company was the first to make a successful mass-produced V8 cylinder engine.
The car on display in the Baden Baden fair is finished in beige with black fenders, varnished wood spoke wheels and a beige canvas interior. The engine is well-maintained and we can say that this is a largely original car which had some cosmetic attention a long time ago. It was preserved in excellent condition in the Seal Cove Auto Museum (Maine), which sold it to the Faberge Museum due to financial troubles. The car’s U.K registration plates, which it still wears, point to a past in the East Anglia area of Great Britain, and its ‘tax disc’ records it as last registered there in 1952. How or when it crossed the Atlantic and arrived in the USA is not known.
This is an elegant and complete automobile known for the quality and longevity of its engine. A car expert commented, “The performance will not be sparkling, but it should go on doing so forever.”
The Faberge Museum’s vintage car collection numbers about 70 American and European automobiles that date from 1899 to 1960. The Museum also has a vintage motorcycle collection that numbers about 30 items. Both collections are kept not far from Baden Baden, but are only available for viewing by prior arrangement.
"Vintage automobiles are like works of art, and they were made with the same love and precision as Faberge made his jeweled items," said Alexander Ivanov, founder and owner of the Faberge Museum, which has the largest collection of Faberge in the world. The museum is the only institution dedicated to the genius of Carl Faberge and his famous jewelry company.

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